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The Rise of VR Content at Northside Content

We are witnessing a pivotal moment in the growth of Virtual Reality, which is poised to be one of the more exciting developments in the content and entertainment world in the last decade. As VR comes of age, we are all eager to experience this non-linear storytelling firsthand and find out who can create truly unique and useful content for this platform.

At Northside Content, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from experts and pioneers in this field: Ari Kuschnir of M ss ng P eces will lead a talk and have a few devices on hand to experience their work, Jamin Warren of Kill Screen in conversation with Clive Thompson of WIRED, and NYTimes T Brand Studio will all be on hand to discuss the future of VR in gaming, serialized VR content, plus VR in journalism and how it’s being used by brands to tell their stories. There will also be intro workshops on Unity and VR creation led by developer Lex Dreitser of VRVU.

For more VR viewpoints and innovations in original video, grab your Content badge here.

Northside Content, happening June 7th and 8th, 2016, is a brand new event uncovering what’s next in original video content across two days of interactive presentations, roundtable discussions, Q&A’s, and meet & greets with cutting edge content creators, brands, and the industries around them.


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