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Why Good Design is Good Business

Design is everything now. People thrive on digital products, services, and interactive experiences that excel at both form and function. Whether it’s guiding a product’s user experience, a space’s flow, a beautiful ad, or even habits for your everyday life, design is the structure that allows things to work well, in addition to opening the door to new possibilities.

Today’s designers and creative experts continue the conversation on design at Northside Innovation, including a talk on the role of designers in agencies with Rob Trostle of Droga5; Peter Olson of IDEO talking about the intersection of data and design; Marcela Sapone of Hello Alfred and Albert Lee (formerly of IDEO) talking about designing human centered companies; a talk on experience design Jesse MacDougall of ICRAVE; and even a light-hearted talk on winning at life and drawing inspiration from challenges with 1 Page At A Time author Adam J Kurtz and publicist Mallory Blair.

Want to know how design can affect your work, product or company? Make sure to grab your badge here and listen to a full schedule of tactical talks on building experiential and design-focused products.

Northside Innovation, taking place in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn on June 9th and 10th, 2016, will welcome a vibrant entrepreneurial community of 5000 attendees across two days of original programming, pitch competitions, an expo, and exclusive networking events.

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