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Why You Can’t Miss Northside Content

As we get closer to the finish line (less than one month!) we want to take a minute to call out some of the incredible programming we’ve got in the pipeline for the festival’s newest component, Northside Content! Check out our curated list of highlights, and if you haven’t already, consider picking up a badge here.

1.  Hear how Director Andrew Jarecki of KnowMe and The Jinx and Adam Leibsohn of Giphy translate language of video and GIFs
2.  Learn about Vox Entertainment‘s expansion into video content with Chad Mumm and Dan Porter of WME
3.  Maureen Polo of Fullscreen Media discusses plans for branded content integrating advertisers, creators and premium entertainment
4.  Learn the latest VR innovations from Ari Kuschnir of M ss ng P ecesJamin Warren of Kill ScreenClive Thompson of WIRED and NYT – T Brand Studio
5.  Rachel Tipograph of Mik Mak alongside Conde Nast on creating micro moments that are built for mobile capture audience attention, and drive commerce too
6. How you win the attention of the Snapchat Generation with MTV, from programming for Discover to giving the right voice for brands in Live Stories
7.  Want to know how the pro’s create VR video? Check out a tactical Unity workshop for beginners from expert developer Lex Dreister of VRVU
8.  Hear from musician Robert Glasper and Blake Heal of Conscious Minds on how they made a creative cross-pollination come to life for Nike
9.  Check out workshops on everything short-form storytelling for social from Mighty Oak, to how to choose and use music in video from Videohelper
10.  Insights into storytelling for brands from a top agencies and directors, including Droga5Milk Studios / Legs Media, and GREY
Northside Content
Creators, Directors, Brands and Platforms Exploring What’s Next in Original Video Content:
Andrew Jarecki – KnowMe, The Jinx / Adam Leibsohn – Giphy / Chad Mumm – Vox Entertainment / Maureen Polo – Fullscreen / Jamin Warren – Kill Screen / Clive Thompson – WIRED / Crystal Moselle – The Wolfpack / Elizabeth Valleau – Grey / Adam Joseph – LEGS Media / Robert Glasper – Musician and many more!
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