I was friends with a very eccentric dude in college who wrote a rock opera. He works on an ice cream truck now and gives me free spoonfuls when I pass him on Bedford. Long story short, it ain’t easy writing rock operas.

If there’s anyone who’s entitled to give the genre a go it’s Titus Andronicus. Not only does the band’s name suit any attempt at the theatrical, they already contain a theme album in their roster, natural steppingstone to rock opera success. Singer Patrick Sickles has proven song and again that he is a writer’s lyricist, penning choruses that seem to achieve anthem status instantly. With track structures that have the rise and fall and beer fueled redemptive qualities of any good epic, the band was built for this.

“Fatal Flaw” is our first peek at material from the upcoming album, slated for possible release this November. Sickles has stated in an interview that the subject matter will deal with manic depression, which the singer has discussed living with himself. It looks to be a story made for the Jersey Holy Trinity; the punk, rock and emo that Titus does best. Here’s hoping a Northside appearance in June sets the stage for a second chapter.

Titus Andronicus (with Eagulls) Tickets Here (6/12 @ Warsaw)

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