Northside Summer Concert Series Comes to Life!

uhhhhhh002What it lacks in nature, Brooklyn certainly makes up for in real estate, so Northside was happy to snag some of the area’s most precious park space. We’ve partnered with the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn, the conservancy tasked with making sure there are still places to play in the hippest hood. Together we’re taking over the 6,000-capacity outdoor venue that is 50 Kent (on the corner of Kent Ave and North 12th) and breaking it in with a whole summer full of concerts.

There will be nine events in total, and three of these are free! We’re kicking things off with The War on Drugs and Beirut of course, two Northside Festival favorites that will break in the venue with the seasoned prowess of veterans. Stay tuned for all of the Northside Summer Concert Series updates at its brand new site, where you can also purchase tickets and check out pics from past shows at the space.

Tickets for The War On Drugs on 6/13 at 50 Kent
Tickets for Beirut on 6/14 at 50 Kent

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