TWO BIT: Jon Steinberg

TWO BIT is a column that asks our Northside Festival Innovation Panelists two questions about their business and the innovations that help run it.

jon steinbergJon Steinberg is the President and Chief Operating Officer of BuzzFeed, seeing the company grow from 15 to over 300 employees since coming on board in June 2010. BuzzFeed is now a global social advertising business that works with more than half of the top 100 brands. It is also the world’s foremost repository for cute kitty gifs and contains enough quizzes to cause an identity crisis, using this content to draw 60 million unique visits a month. Steinberg arrived at the company after working at Google and Majestic Research and was the founder of iBuilding, a commercial real estate software company. He is a member of Young Presidents Organization and the Paley Center Media Council. It is important to note that he has included mention of his cat in his professional bio. Meow.

How has BuzzFeed changed the way we interact with the web?
We’re part of a larger trend where social is the new starting point for how people get all their news and entertainment.

What current innovations could your business not survive without?
Cloud based collaboration and document usage.

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