TWO BIT: Rameet Chawla

TWO BIT is a column that asks our Northside Festival Innovation Panelists two questions about their business and the innovations that help run it.

rameetlargeMeet Rameet, true Renaissance man in the age of multitalented millennials. That beard! That suit! That startup! There doesn’t seem to be a field in which the 31-year-old Mr. Chawla can’t excel, whether it’s founding Fueled and Fueled Collective or catching the attention of city style blogs the world wide web over. The creativity comes in handy at the mobile design and development company he calls home, as Fueled has partnered with Porsche, MTV, Barney’s, the Chicago Bulls, Coca Cola and many more. Fueled Collective is the anchor of NYC’s Silicon Alley, providing a safe space for over 20 startups and 100 entrepreneurs in SoHo’s posh Prince Building to collaborate and flourish. With Fueled offices around the globe, the financier come coder is writing the map on mobile, so tie up that bun and get on board.

In what ways has operating in New York influenced Fueled as a tech startup?
Fueled is very inspired by NYC. It’s impossible not to be. New York is a city that allows people to be themselves. It encourages individuality and creativity. Diversity is a welcome. And originality is celebrated. New York has shaped us by allowing us to break the mold in our work and to move beyond traditional ideas in our Collective office culture. Fueled wouldn’t be the same company if it was in any other city.

What current innovations could your business not survive without?
Most traditional companies in the past had trouble managing a dispersed team. Thanks to a suite of modern SAAS tools like Pipedrive, cloud-based tools like Dropbox and comms tools like Hipchat, we are able to work with our remote team members spread across multiple geographical areas.

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